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Appier Framework

Joyful Python Web App development

Appier is an object-oriented Python web framework built for super-fast app development. It's as lightweight as possible, but not too lightweight. It gives you the power of bigger frameworks, without their complexity.

Your first app can be just a few lines long:

import appier

class HelloApp(appier.App):

    @appier.route("/", "GET")
    def hello(self):
        return "Hello World"


The same app using the async/await syntax (Python 3.5+) for async execution reads pretty much the same:

import appier

class HelloApp(appier.App):

    @appier.route("/", "GET")
    async def hello(self):
        await self.send("Hello World")


Running it is just as simple:

pip install appier

For the async version an ASGI compliant server should be used (eg: Uvicorn):

SERVER=uvicorn python

Your "Hello World" app is now running at http://localhost:8080.

It features the following:

For the purposes of rapid web development, Appier goes well with Netius (web-server) and UXF (client-side graphical library) as a whole stack.

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Appier is currently licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0.

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